ARTEexpo 2016

Good morning, 

my name is Nicoletta Belletti, 

I am an Italian painter and I am writing to inform you that I will exhibit at Artexpo 2016 in New York from 14th to the 17th April. 

I come from Parma, a lovely, lively town in the centre of the Emilia area, in Italy, famous for its food, scents, the “Violetta di Parma” and its music with Giuseppe Verdi and his famous operas. 

In the paintings on show in the exhibition, you will find the same elements that make up my city: 

music, because painting for me is a symphony, composing a harmony of colors;
scent, because my bouquets of flowers bloom and give us their scent and liveliness that is mine as well as my city’s as well as of my animals that question the viewer with their curiosity. 

 Mine is a scented poetry in painting: lively, material, magnetic, all to be discovered. 

Come and see what the power of color and texture can do! 

 Click on this Link for free pass to ArtExpo: you can find me at booth # S 515.

 If you miss the appointment in New York, I invite you to visit my new website: www.nicolettabelletti.com

Don’t miss it, I’ll be waiting for you!