Moutan Botanic Centre – Solo Show

From March 14 to May 30, the Moutan Botanic Centre, in the upper Lazio region, will be hosting my solo show “Melancholic charm of the past”: the exhibition will feature seven new paintings depicting peonies. It could not be otherwise, in the garden with the largest collection in the world – with over 200,000 specimens – of Chinese tree and herbaceous peonies.

Of particular interest are the paintings “Romantica vicinanza” (“Romantic closeness”) and “Come una volta” (“Like it used to be”): for the first time I experimented with the 180X40cm format. The idea is that of using these creations for embellishing the headboard of a bed. Or to suggest playful combinations, having works of different dimensions “talking to each other” in the warm space of the domestic environment.  

At the Moutan Botanic Centre I will always be showing “Un'altra vita” (“Another life”) (150x80 cm), “La casa della nonna” (“Grandma's house”) and “Avvolti dal profumo” (“Enveloped by the fragrance”) (both 170x100 cm), “Nostalgia” and “Ricordi lontani” (“Distant memories”) (both 120x80 cm).

For further information:  www.centrobotanicomoutan.it