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The rise and fall of the water, with its dance of marine nuances, and the swirling fish and jellyfish. The carefree nature of the beach, experienced in the company of friends.


Please email me if you are interested in this art work and you  want to know its size and price.
If it is in stock you can have it in about 1 week, otherwise, if not in stock,

 I can make a similar one that conveys the same emotions, created with the same passion and the same technique. 


Each time it is new because the liquid resin that I pour over the work creates different stains every time and because the gestures with which I spread the acrylic paste over the board are immediate and spontaneous, similar, but never the same.

I will take care to stay close to the original, but your painting will be different from all the others I have produced. It will be yours. 



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